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Fantastic winter holidays in Flachau with fun & pro

When the days get shorter and the temperatures get colder in autumn, excitement for the upcoming winter starts to mount for us and our team.

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4 tips and tricks for bad weather

Bad weather can be a real mood killer. So it doesn’t turn into that when you’re on holiday in Flachau, we’ve put together a list of helpful tips and tricks for when the weather’s bad.

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Keep safe – keep your distance – keep skiing

The fun & pro measures to prevent the spread of COVID-19 compiled in accordance with the instructions of the Austrian Ski Schools.

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Smart Check-In for our customers

HELP US KEEP OUR DISTANCE! Please use our Smart Check-in to transfer your personal data to our equipment hire programme before entering our shops.

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Burton Riglet Park – Snowboarding for kids 3–6 years old

Enjoy the brilliant Riglet board from Burton for kids aged 3 and over before you arrive. It has never been easier to learn snowboarding through play. There’s a special area with obstacles and special trails to make little snowboarders’ faces light with excitement. It’s an absolute highlight. These…

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Tina’s Tips "My First Ski Course”

Whoo-hoo-hoo, soon we’ll be off on our skiing holiday. Your kids can’t wait to get started, so Tina’s tips might come at just the right time!

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Skiing in style

How to ski properly and in style? Correct timing, optimal rhythm and a perfectly smooth flow of movement in line with the globally recognised curriculum of the Austrian ski schools. Elegance, grace and aesthetics are taking back the slopes.

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More fun on the mountain with skis or boards

prepared with SAPHIR from MONTANA. Our new service machine from December 2017! Experience the difference

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Flachau – ideal starting point for the wide range of biking trails

In winter, thousands of skiers head for the slopes and enjoy the stunning panorama and perfect piste conditions...

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