More fun on the mountain with skis or boards

prepared with SAPHIR from MONTANA. Our new service machine from December 2017! Experience the difference

Skis and boards including rocker skis and rocker boards are professionally serviced. First of all, the ski is stone-ground with MONTANA PRO technology, which controls the grinding process more precisely and in line with the ski geometry. This produces excellent structural results while being gentle on the ski. This technology is only available from MONTANA in a mass production machine.

For side edge grinding the ski geometry can also be taken into account via the pressure curve. 

MONTANA, together with renowned specialists from the racing ski service sector, has given thought to further optimisation. The result is the MONTANA Radial Tuning, which has made skis much easier to turn. After conducting further tests, researchers also discovered that a ski with Radial Tuning allows the skier to break off the initiated carving turn in full swing without the risk of falling.

 Snowboarders are also thrilled by the MONTANA Radial Tuning.

It takes 3 steps to create the legendary CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH for:

  • maximum skiing pleasure
  • improved maintenance of the value of the sports equipment
  • increased safety

A ski prepared on a MONTANA system with the CRYSTAL GLIDE FINISH

  • responds precisely to changes in direction
  • ensures easy turn initiation
  • is directionally stable
  • glides optimally
  • has a perfect edge grip

Thanks to the state-of-the-art Montana technology, you get perfectly and carefully conditioned skis or boards for even more fun skiing or snowboarding. The skis and boards for hire are also regularly conditioned with the SAPHIR from MONTANA.

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