Skiing in style

How to ski properly and in style? Correct timing, optimal rhythm and a perfectly smooth flow of movement in line with the globally recognised curriculum of the Austrian ski schools. Elegance, grace and aesthetics are taking back the slopes.

It’s not about going fast and racing down the slopes. The focus is on enjoyment. The SBSSV is a pioneer and we also want to encourage the technique developed by local ski instructors and introduce it to you.

Hardly any other industry has seen as much development and tinkering about in recent years as the big ski companies. But despite all the technological developments, we must not forget the essentials. No matter how modern the material, a ski does not ski itself.

To ski with ease and grace, you need a technique that saves energy – the right mix of carving turns into the snow. Not just coming downhill any old way – enjoy skiing in style and then your winter holiday is really great fun.

The energetic carving of the past will not disappear from the ski slopes, but only a few skiers will be able to do it properly.

Skiing in style with fun & pro

2-hour private lessons including Sport Carver (skis + poles) can be booked for the whole day on selected dates. Secure your appointment now here.