Smart Check-In for our customers

HELP US KEEP OUR DISTANCE! Please use our Smart Check-in to transfer your personal data to our equipment hire programme before entering our shops.

Step 1

Please scan the QR code or go to our check-in page via this link (

Step 2

Please enter personal details – name, address, height, weight, shoe size... – for all persons who would like to hire equipment from us. You will be shown a barcode.

Step 3

Please have the barcode ready when you come to our shop. We’ll print out the control slip for you. After hiring the equipment, you pay for the equipment in the shop. Many thanks in advance!

Smart Check-In only transfers your data into our system and you don’t have to register on site. We need the personal data for everyone who wants to hire equipment, book a course or have private lessons with us. We only store this data for our on-site service and only use it according to our guidelines. We do not pass on the data to third parties, nor do we send out advertising material or newsletters. You can choose the equipment you want on site.

If you book online via our webshop, the equipment hire will be invoiced immediately, which of course makes it even quicker on site – but we only recommend doing this if you are certain that you can make the trip and you know exactly what is needed.

Free cancellation in the form of a voucher is possible at any time. If refunded in cash or return transfer, minus a processing fee of €12 per person or €40 per family up to a maximum of 5% of the total amount.

This is summarised in our GT&C’s and the Corona Protection Measures.

Let’s look optimistically into the future. Skiing will be different but will certainly be just as much fun.