Tina’s Tips "My First Ski Course”

Whoo-hoo-hoo, soon we’ll be off on our skiing holiday. Your kids can’t wait to get started, so Tina’s tips might come at just the right time!

Children love the snow and winter

They’d love to start right away on the big slopes with the others. But first it’s off to Kinderland until they’re able to make their own turns and brake. Here you can see kids from the age of 4 practising at leisure. If you are afraid it will be too strenuous for your child, we recommend booking a taster session first and then extending it on site once you are certain that it will work well. Most children then race by themselves on Thursday at the weekly final race and are bound to win a medal – maybe even a trophy for 1st, 2nd or 3rd place on the podium. Of course, you can only do this if you attend the whole course. Just attending in the morning would be too short, as there is not enough time to consolidate what has been learned.

If a whole day is too exhausting for your children, they are perfectly at home spending the morning in our ski kindergarten from 10 am to 12 noon.

Children find it easy to start skiing when their parents and siblings are looking forward to the holiday.

We believe that parents make our work easier if they prepare their offspring and explain to them what to expect.  Mountains, snow, cold, the ski equipment, all this is new and unfamiliar.

  • Click through our website with your little ones and show them photos of what it looks like here. Encourage them to draw a winter picture – maybe a little skier ;-)
  • Tell your child what it was like when mum and dad learned to ski. There were probably no conveyor belts then and clothing was not as weatherproof as it is today.  Stories convey a positive impression of winter.
  • Pack your holiday suitcase together, then the child will know exactly what he or she needs for the ski course: Ski suit – preferably jacket and trousers separately, as it is easier during toilet breaks, gloves, sunglasses, sun cream or cold protection cream depending on the situation, warm underwear, a balaclava, if it’s cold or a bandana – not a long scarf, as it’s easy for it to get caught.
  • Ski gymnastics for the whole family in the evening – who stays the longest in a downhill crouch ;-)
  • On the trip to your holiday, games shorten the journey. e.g. "who will see the mountains first" or "I’ll pack my suitcase and take with me – gloves, sun cream, ski socks..."

Select and book at your leisure

If you haven’t already booked your ski course and ski equipment online from home, it helps to register early at the Ski School and pick up your ski equipment. Now your child can try on the ski boots and helmet for the first time. This is very exciting in itself and takes time and needs calm.

On your 1st day of skiing make sure to be on your way to the Ski School in good time.

This leaves enough time to look at the amazing children’s slopes with mum and dad. Make sure that you plan in enough time for a good breakfast. We do have tea, juice and biscuits during the breaks in Kinderland, but this is, of course, no substitute for breakfast.

Mum and Dad are nearby

Explain to your child that mum and dad go up the mountain on the "big lift" and always pop by the children’s slope to watch. This way, your child knows that you are always around, even if they don’t see you. If you are always there, it is much harder for your child to build up trust with the instructor. They also have to learn to pick themselves up when they fall down, which is very difficult for parents and grandparents to watch.

Lots of fun at the children’s ski school

You will be amazed at how quickly and playfully the little ones learn to ski.  And there’s no reason why they shouldn’t be rewarded. After all, no good children’s room should be without a snow plough for boys, a little stuffed animal, such as a polar bear, unicorn or our Dino cushion for girls. 

We are looking forward to welcoming all big & small snowboarders =)

Best wishes, Tina
She has been teaching many successful ski children at fun & pro since 2009
and is back again this winter full of fun and action :-)