Ski service in Flachau

Ski and snowboard service by experts

We know what we’re about! As active racers and participants in various amateur races ourselves, we know we need to rely on our equipment at all times. So to keep it in top condition, we use state-of-the-art machines and our own experienced hands!

Regular care of sports equipment is part and parcel of having a blast on the slopes. It also increases the lifespan of the skis and boards. When serviced properly, you can save energy when skiing because the ski is easier to turn and easier to control.

Tips for taking care of your ski equipment
  • Clean your skis and snowboard at the end of every day’s skiing and wipe them dry to prevent the edges from rusting.

  • Have minor damage repaired immediately!

  • Wax with hot wax at the end of the ski season and only remove at the beginning of the new ski season.

Prices Ski & Snowboard Service

Service Price
Binding adjustment using an ISO STANDARD 13993 testing device €20
Binding adjustment €10
Hot waxing €10
Edge sharpening €20
Service Check Base polishing and edge sharpening, tuning, hot waxing €30
Super Check Base welding, whetstone honing, side edge sharpening, tuning, hot waxing €40
Race Service Like Super Check + finish and fine tuning by hand €50
Wax Future – Infrared waxing of ski / board €15
Workshop hourly rate €65

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