Zorbing in Flachau

An "all-round experience" with a mega ball

What is zorbing? 

A Zorb is a large inflatable ball made of transparent TPU measuring 3.20 metres in diameter. Inside is a second plastic ball measuring 1.80 metres in diameter. The second ball is connected to the outer one via a network of almost 1,000 rope cords, similar to those used in climbing. The Zorbonaut is protected all around by an air cushion created when the ball is inflated. A tunnel leads into the inner ball. One adult can stand comfortably inside the zorb.

Run, run... do somersaults

Zorb events are incredibly fascinating. We have organised many successful events and know how to handle them professionally. The choice of location is flexible and we are also happy to come to you. The ground must not be a road or asphalted areas. Meadows and football fields are best.

 We are currently not offering downhill or hydrozorbing.