Anyone who has got the bike bug, will be confronted with their own limits. Everyday topics pop up:

  • How can I change gear properly without having to have my bike serviced every few weeks?
  • Am I sitting on my bike correctly?
  • How do I deal with small faults?

To have fun whilst biking it's good to ride safely and master the basic techniques. In our training and courses we would like first of all, to give the participants an understanding of the basics such as braking, changing gear, cornering and thus increase the fun factor. As the groups are limited to a maximum of 10 participants per course you will quickly see progress. Individual questions can be answered and with our tips and tricks you will quickly become a pro yourself.

MTB Riding Skills Workshop

Ideal for adults and kids (from 12 years or 10 years with cycling licence)

  • who,are new to Mountainbiking 
  • are on forest and gravel tracks a lot and feel insecure
  • have little or no experience riding downhill or on single trails

We start next to the fun & pro shop with balance exercises, braking, cornering through an obstacle course. Then we ride through the training area.

For MTB Monday 3.30 pm - Meeting point 3.00, duration 2 hours
For E-Bike Wednesday 3.30 pm - Meeting point 3.00, duration 2 hours

Price per person 35,- Euros

Workshop "Bike Maintenance & Repairs"

What should you look out for when maintaining your bike? How can you repair simple damage yourself whilst on a tour? These are the central questions in a very informative hour. If you bike on your own, then it's essential to have some maintenance knowledge.

In the weekly programme Thursday 11.00 am to 12.00 noon at the fun & pro Bikeshop
Min. 3 persons
Price per person 25,- Euros

Private training riding technique

Bookable any time!
2 hours for one person: 115,- Euros
For each additional person: 15,- Euros