In our workshop (Flachau) with spare parts warehouse we'll professionally operate all maintenance and service work for mountain, e-bikes and roadbikes.

Workshop hour 45,- Euros
All service prices plus spare parts needed. 

Small Service - 45,- Euros

  • Adaption of the steering and crank, brakes, gearshift and hubs
  • Oiling of the gearshift and chain, cleaning
  • Checking of the fork and damper
  • Checking and fixing of all screws
  • Changing of the shift and brake cable (if necessary)
  • Rough cleaning of the whole bike

Large Service - 99,- Euros

  • Small service plus
  • Centering of the running wheel
  • Newly oiling of the hubs, bottom bracket and steering
  • Checking of the tire equipment and rim tape
  • Checking of the eventually damped fork
  • Rough cleaning of the whole bike

Individual Service

  • Changing of the tube, rim tape or shell 3,- Euros
  • Changing of the chain 6,- Euros
  • Centering of one running wheel 15,- Euros
  • Checking of the brakes 8,- Euros
  • Changing of the brakes and chaning of the coat 12,- Euros
  • Venting of the hydraulic brakes 25,- Euros
  • Setting and oiling of the gearshift 12,- Euros