Enjoy the natural beauty and peace and quiet away from the cleared winter paths! With snow shoes you can really get off the beaten track, hike and discover areas which otherwise can't be reached. Snow shoeing lets you really experience nature!

With snowshows you can go, explore and wander about an paths which are otherwise not reachable in winter. Snowshoeing is really easy and can be done by anyone.

Snowhoe hike for beginners

  • Duration: 2 hours
  • in the weekly programme every Tuesday  1.30 pm
  • incl. snow shoes and poles

With a ski guide you can get tackle nearly any route off the beaten track or one your heart desires.

Prices snowshoe hiking for beginners

PersonsPrice in Euros
from 2 people€ 66,- per person
from 4 people€ 35,- per person

Snowshoeing for advanced walker

Price per person € 52,-  
Duration - 3 hours including equipment

(including transport within Flachau if needed)