Fun & Pro is one of the fews selected Austrian method centres with a guaranteed high teaching standard. This programme was developed together with snowboard instructors from all over the world to make learning how to board easier and to make it more fun too! This mirrors our philosophy exactly. Burton developed boards, boots and binding especially for learning and tested these products on beginners. As a partner and method centre we use this learning specific equipment.
 The aim of the "Learn To Ride" programme is to help you progress so far on the first day that you can link the turns together, stand up on the snowboard and can never get enough of it!

The LTR equipment consists of two boards built on top of each other which makes learning how to snowboard as easy as child's play!
This is what you can expect from the Method Centre:

  • Burton products - specially developed and ideal for learning 
  • small-sized groups
  • ideal snowboard area
  • a shop that has the right things for starting off!