With fun & pro skiing starts from 3 years old in the ski-kindergarten. A full day is still too tiring and 2 hours without mum and dad are a real challenge for the small snow pixies. It's important that the child feels at home and is having fun. And it is not unusual for successful play kids who visited this course daily also learnt how to brake and turn. We recommend to book this course day by day as many of the small budding skiers want to have a day off in between.

Offer: Ski-Kindergarten

  • Duration: 2 hours from 10 until 12
  • From Sunday to Friday - possible to join any day
  • Including ski equipment for the whole day
  • Maximum 6 children per group
  • Child care during lunchtime € 12,00 per day can be booked on site

Ski Kindergarten

It's best to book one day and extend it on-site, so as not to overwhelm you little skier. If your child visits the Ski kindergarten on 5 days per weeek it costs Euro 205,-

  • fun & pro childrens care tip
    From our experience we know that children under 3 years old need individual care during skiing. Please understand that children who are too small, do not want to be on their own or who cry in the ski-play lessons unfortunately can not be looked after. At our location at Space Jet Maria Höller offers a guest kindergarten where children from 10 months will be looked after caringly. More information can be found on the following webseite

Assignment into groups

The ski-play children meet at 10 am in the fun & pro childrens area at the Star Jet and at Space Jet.

In the ski kindergarten they will play a lot. Having fun in the snow is the main thing. The basics of skiing will be taught in a playful way. Put on and take off your skis, walking with skis and skiing in a schuss are all part of the programme. As it's tiring for the little ones there will often be short breaks. We always have drinks and biscuits with us and the ski instructor always has a goody bag too.

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