Directly to Carving with the fun & pro beginners ski lessons for Adults and Teenagers.
Even if you don't start practising when you're young you can still become an export at fun & pro. After a one-week course with our ski instructors, you will be able to safely and technically master the most important runs on the mountains around Flachau, guaranteed!  

Beginners ski lessons for adults

Extension day after 3 days € 30,- per day

"Beginners on Ski" skiing lessons

4 hours: from 9.30 to 12.00 and from 1.00 to 2.30 pm
Course starts for beginners on Sunday or Monday
Meeting point Green flag at 09.30 AT THE FUN & PRO MEETING POINT B - at Space in front of the Dampfkessel and at Star Jet in front of the restaurant Zum Zottl. 

Beginners are all those who have never been on skis before. No previous knowledge necessary.

"Learn to Ski" - directly to carving

Fast progress from the first day!

The new generation of skis really are practical: shorter carving skis are easier to turn, which even at low speeds turn easily. Very comfortable equipment, lightweight enables you to cross over the fall line in steeper terrain. At fun & pro you get the right material in the package and depending on your progress it is also possible to change to longer skis during the week. Success nearly comes on its own.

  • Weekend
    From 4 participants we also start with lessons on Friday or Saturday (4 hours), from 2 participants (2 hours)
  • Ski pass
    Is not included. As agreed with the ski instructor. If you make fast progress, already after the first hour. 
  • Our recommendation to all those who want to brush up on their skills:
    Don't book a beginner's course as you can't forget how to ski. With a private instructor, who will look at your present ability, you'll make fast progress from where you left off. Our offers for private lessons can be found here.


Ski course with rental equipment (skis, boots, poles and protective fee) for teenagers from 15 to 18 years. Can only be booked with start from Sunday.


Ski course with rental equipment (skis, boots, poles and protective fee) for adults from 19 years. Can only be booked with a start from Sunday or for groups of 5 or more.