Adults, youth or kids - whoever is at the start of their skiing career or would like to brush up on their skills achieves the fastest possible success with private lessons. Your private instructor will be chosen according to your preferences and will only look after you.
It doesn't matter whether it's individual hours, half a day, the whole day, on your own, or for the whole family...

    Organise your very own ski lesson group in Flachau with the family, holiday chums or simply a few good friends (a few happy friends in Austrian). Please note that your skiing ability should always be the same per group as your private instructor always has to instruct according to the weakest member in the group.
Duration Price for one person each additional person
4 hours 
(= 1 skiing day)
€ 256,- € 36,-
3 hours 
€ 195,- € 30,-
2 hours 
€ 143,- € 28,-
2 hours 
€ 148,- € 28,-
2 hours 
€ 131,- € 25,-
Single hour 
€ 74,- € 14,-
Late bird single hour 
€ 67,- € 12,-



Mogul field | Race (pole) training | Deep powder | Twin tips | Slope Style | Park & Pipe

Who better to train the nearly professional to a real pro level than the excellently qualified sports trainers, active and former pros from our Ski & Snowboard school. A handful of local heroes are part of our team who will help you with tips and tricks for "jumping" and "racing" and accompany you to locations such as the ABSOLUT PARTK in Flachauwinkl. To be booked in the fun & pro shop.


Price for one personEach additional person
1 skiing day€ 256,-€ 36,-

...and what have you always wanted to try? What do you need professional help with?

  • Ski routes
  • Deep snow and powder 
  • Ski / ride from the summit cross of the "Grießenkareck", the hallmark of Flachau
  • GS race training 
  • Slope style tricks
  • Ski or ride in the half pipe - perhaps even try a jump
  • Ride down the mogul fieldsn 
  • from 180 to .... we don't want to overdo it

...but this list is by no means complete, as there's always something new. But you can be guaranteed of one thing, if something new comes along, then it will be tested by FUN & PRO as quickly as possible and then made available.