Equipment fits - Equipment to suit your needs.  Boots have to fit. Bei der Skiauswahl gut beraten. Good advice about which type of skis. Binding is set correctly. Cool brands of free skis, boards and boots according to your ability.

How heavy? How tall? How fast? ...? When you are asked by our winter- sports‘consultants in the shops for the exact details of your weight, skiing ability, age and length of your boot sole, there are generally professional reasons. The more we know the better we can advise you, that is one aspect.

Safety is the other aspect. Binding adjustment is carrierd out exactly conform to the ISO 13993 norm. Every binding on newly purchased skis and hired skis is electronically adjusted by means of a special device for the respective skiers according to their individual data. 

You can only benefit from our know-how:   
Pro for professionalism - also in rental and material is most important for us. This is why only absolute "pros" and "experts" who know their material give you advice in our shops, staff who have made their hobby their job. This is standard for us, we take our responsibility for this and many guests appreciate this!

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Many good reasons to rent from Fun & Pro:

  • Even brand new skis can be tested.
  • It is no problem to change skis, boards or boots within the category.
  • Rental helmets for children are included! 
  • Attractive packages: lessons and equipment - look at Packages for kids - Packages for adults - Snowboard Packages
  • Cheaper test skis for sale "Test first - then buy".
  • It goes without saying that every ski and every board is serviced after being rented out. For you, this means regardless of whether it's at the start or end of the season, our rental equipment is always well-looked after
  • Rental is cheaper than buying! 
  • If you register befor your arrival, you will receive a bonus of 10 %. Click now for your ONLINE-RESERVATION!