Can’t be easier than that! No struggling or carrying things to the lift in the morning. Everything is ready and dry. Anyone who has had to carry the whole equipment to the lift for themselves and their children knows what this means. A service for those who already know it, no longer want to do without it, and it's value for money.

Skidepot at the Star Jet I & Space Jet I - open daily from 8 am to 6 pm. 

  • The number of our depots is limited in both shops. You can only book it online for the whole week from Saturday or Sunday on. For shorter stays we kindly ask you to contact us when you are in Flachau (a reservation via E-Mail is not possible).
Depot at the Space Jet Shop1 day6-7 days
Parking ski or board only€ 2,-€ 12,-
Parking ski or board and shoes€ 2,5€ 15,-
  • In the Space Jet Shop we are proud to offer you the best, most modern and most comfortable ski depot available. In cupboards for 2 or 4 people , you can store skis or boards, boots, poles and helmets and personal belongings as well. The cupboards are fitted with warm air dryers, water drainage for the boot shelves and fresh-air lemon systems. The depot cupboards can only be opened with the chip card given to you. It's also possible to save the data on any ski pass, i.e. for those who should have access to this cupboard. Theft or getting equipment mixed-up, as often happens in depots - is then a thing of the past.

    During the main holiday weeks lockers are only bookable in addition to rental for adults or packages. 

Cupboard for 2 persons - Space Jet shop

Days Price
6 Days 42,00 EUR
7 Days 42,00 EUR

Cupboard for 4 persons - Space Jet shop

Days Price
6 Days 84,00 EUR
7 Days 84,00 EUR
    At the Star Jet Shop (World cup run) your ski and boots will be stored in modern storage spaces. 

Open Ski & Boot storage at the Star Jet Shop

Days Price
6 Days 15,00 EUR
7 Days 15,00 EUR

Open ski storage Star Jet ski/board only

Days Price
6 Days 12,00 EUR
7 Days 12,00 EUR

Our fun & pro offer in both Depots

-10% off if rental equipment from fun & pro

Please ask for a free storage space if you book lessons and equipment!