A good fitting boot is the most important thing for skiers. Only if the ski boots fit properly can you enjoy your day‘s skiing.

The revolutionary foot analysis unit from BootDoc inspires all along the line. From the foot scan you get a plantar view of the feet as well as information about the length, width, heel width and boot size. The individuality of the feet is portrayed perfectly and thus the fundamental requirement for selecting a suitable boot or inlay is fulfilled..


Our new ultra-cam boot fitting unit processes pressure points accurately. Soles and cushions are customised, inlays fitted. The interior boots are heated and formed individually to suit the feet. The outer casing can be stretched, or if necessary even milled too.

By calculating the load distribution and categorising the foot width and type, we can recommend specially developed Boot Doc inlays and then expertly fit them into the ski boot.

Supported by the new unit we offer the whole range. Only the customer's final opinion counts - a very contented smile and a positive "fits like a glove" comment. That's FUN & PRO.



In both fun & pro shops. As well as offering a perfect personalized fit. Memory Fit is one of the quickest heat fitting technologies available. It is possible to heat a shell and cuff in just five minutes. The effect: a permanent and anatomically perfect fit and no more pressure points. All Atomic Hawx 2.0 and Redster ski boots are now equipped with Memory Fit.



"Test, then buy" applies for ski boots as well.

A rial run to be sure you've made the right decision. Only the customer‘s final opinion counts - a very contented smile and a positive „fits like a glove“ comment. That‘s FUN & PRO.

Bei anschließendem Kauf ist das Testen kostenlos. Entscheidet ihr euch im Anschluss für keinen Schuh, werden abhängig von Modell und Dauer bis 10% vom Neupreis berechnet.