With the Winter Fun Sports Olympics fun and sociability are the main factors. The individual teams and participants use their ability to demonstrate their skills in mastering not so every day situations in varied stations involving sport, dexterity and fun events. It's the "Olympic spirit that counts - the important thing is not winning but being part of it!"

You can choose from a varied range of events: giant skis, mini-bob races, snowbike relay, search for the avalanche buzzer, snowshoe competition, milking cows, nail game competition, sawing, laser biathlon ....
For events with a larger budget we can also offer events such as segway, zorbing or snowmobile course for an additional fee.

Depending on the size and the expense of the individual events, the costs for the winter sports olympics can vary accordingly. We will be happy to send you our customised offer.

Costs for the fun sports programme without supplements
Duration depends on the size of the groupcapprox. 2 to 3 hour
Price per person€ 58 up to 19 people
€ 47 from 20 people

Including the whole scoring and creating the results lists for the awards ceremony as well as a certificate for each participant with your company logo.

  • Our Tip:
    Why not book your meal or drinks stand for the event to go with it.