What is zorbing?

The Zorb is a mega, blow-up ball made from transparent TPU and 3 metres 20 in diameter. On the inside a second plastic ball, 1 metre 80 in diameter, is joined to the outside ball by a weave of nearly 1000 ropes, as they are used in climbing. The Zorbonaut is protected by the air cushion all-round when it is blown up.

You can access the inner ball via a tunnel. Even an adult can stand comfortably in the Zorb.

Bombing downhill in the mega ball

Loop the loop, each turn is different, lose the horizon, do a jump and arrive soaking (s)we(a)t - wow! For the spectators it only looks like a short bit of fun. But for the zorbonaut it's an unforgettable experience. 

Indescribable - right on the limit - breathtaking wicked - incredible - let's do it again ....

Zorbing is currently not available.