Zorbing creates new experiences for us on all levels. We learn from the extreme experience inside the Zorb to see the world with new eyes, we get a new view for our neighbours. With playful and tricky tasks we set the right tone for real teamwork, as joint success really brings the team together.

There are no limits to your phantasy when designing the course. An interesting Zorb race where you had to run through a course took place in 2009 in the programme "Hit the Raab". Stefan Raab, a TV presenter, then had a head-to-head duel with the later winner.

Zorb events create a special fascination. After several successful events we know that we can produce such events really well. We're flexible regarding location and can also come to you if you desire. It's not possible to hold the event on roads or tarmacked surfaces. Meadows or football pitches are the most suitable surface.

Hire Charges Zorbing Course

up to 4 hours incl. settlement€ 800,-

additionally sales tax and travel expenses off 20 km distance