More than you can ride on one bike holiday! Flachau ist the ideal starting point to discover this huge number of tours, paths and trails. Not only insiders know that our area is the best for anyone on two wheels! From leisurely bikers and family tours along the Enns, to trekking tours and MTB recces for starters and pros alike, to road bike tours. Due to the north-south facing valleys, there are many tours from one village to the next in the neighbouring valley via a route over the mountain tops.
Here you can find a selection of the most popular tours in our region. For most of them you can download the GPS data directly. You can get more information from us on-site or join one of our guided tours.

Mountainbike tours around Flachau

MTB Tourenlengthaltitudedetails
Sattelbauer12,6 km470 hmRoute
Sattelbauer - Altenmarkt - Winterbauer18 km620 hmRoute
Altenmarkt - Radstadt - Trinkeralm49,6 km1040 hmRoute
Aigenberg21 km590 hmRoute
Marbachalm26,6 km440 hmRoute
Frauenalm22 km850 hmRoute
Mayrdörfl - Edelweißalm - Wagrain23 km510 hmRoute
Moosalm - Eben24 km450 hmRoute
Grießkar Runde24 km900 hmRoute
Altenmarkt - Königlehen -Radstadt29 km560 hmRoute
Altenmarkt - Steinwand - Sattelbauer38 km1350 hmRoute
Frauenalmrunde32 km1060 hmRoute
Altenmarkt - Zauchensee36 km660 hmRoute
Baierwald - Kleinarl - Wagrain37 km830 hmRoute
Königlehen - Steinwand - Sattelbauer38 km1350 hmRoute
Aigenberg - Hochgründeck - Wagrain49 km1350 hmRoute
Wagrain - Alpendorf - St. Johann52 km1325 hmRoute
Eben - Aualm - Hofalmen - Filzmoos56 km925 hmRoute
Hüttau - Hochgründeck - Wagrain60 km1570 hmRoute
Forstau - Vögeialm - Mandling69,6 km1480 hmRoute