Up to the mountain with supporting e-engine.Clearly these e-bikes do not replace mountainbikes, but it's a super supplement to a MTB. For example, a newcomer to biking can easily tackle the same tour with a fitter person. 

With an e-bike you can master steep mountain roads and reach your destination without any great effort. How's that possible? The clever technology on the e-bike supports the natural pedaling movement and then kicks in when the physiological energy disappears. Now the most beautiful huts are accessible for everyone with the e-bike.

E-Bike rental prices summer 2019

Half day*1 day2 days3 days4 days5 days6 -7 days
E-Trekking Bike17,- Euros25,- Euros48,- Euros70,- Euros90,- Euros110,- Euros125,- Euros
E-Mountain Bike27,- Euros35,- Euros 68,- Euros90,- Euros120,- Euros140,- Euros160,- Euros
E-Trial Bike32,- Euros40,- Euros78,- Euros105,- Euros140,- Euros165,- Euros190,- Euros

*Half day is from 9.00 am to noon, 11.00 am to 3.00 pm or from 3.00 pm to 6.00 pm 

Our e-bikes to hire

E-Big Trial 800 (2018)

Frame size: M und L
Shifter: Shimano XT GS Shadow+
Engine: Shimano DU-E8000
Battery: Shimano E8010 500Wh
Price: Euro 3.999,-
Rental fee: € 40,- / day

E-Mountainbike von E-Bike R004 Gulf

Frame size: 46/ 50
Gears: 10
Engine: Bosch Performance CX
Battery: Power Pack 500 Wh
Range: Depending on the driven level - up to 175
Rental fee: € 35, - / day

E-Bike C003 Black Beauty

Frame size: 46/ 52
Gears: 10
Engine: Shimano Steps 36 V, 250W / bis 25 km/h
Battery: Shimano Steps / 400 Wh
Range: Depending on the driven level - up to 120 km (according to engine manufacturer's specification)
Rental fee: € 25, - / day