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Unless agreed otherwise, these General Terms and Conditions shall apply to all legal transactions and contractual relationships concluded between Fun & Pro Sport Pichler GmbH (hereafter referred to as "author") and their customers as contractual partners. The objective is the operation of a ski- and snowboard school including the services of rental – service and ski depot. All deliveries and services of the ski school resulting from online bookings via the Internet or other online services are subject to these terms and conditions.

All prices charged by the author are in euros and, unless otherwise agreed, they include the statutory value-added tax. Information included in price lists is not guaranteed. No liability is assumed for possible misprints.

The author is entitled to collect, store and process the customer's personal data required in the course of the business relationship.


If a group lesson is reduced to fewer than 4 participants, we reserve the right to consolidate groups or to reduce the total number of lessons. In case of extensions from the 3rd day of the course, the price is according to our rates and not the difference to the desired number of days.

Fee reimbursement due to injury or illness is only possible with a physician's attestation. Only unused days (remaining difference) are reimbursed. For packages the refund is based on the respective price for the course and rental period.

Lessons cancelled due to prevailing weather conditions (force majeure) are not made up. Private courses are held in all weather conditions. The course ticket is non-transferrable! Unused course days are forfeited!

Due to flexible organization, actual instructors may change on multiple occasions.

The use of ski lifts is not included in the course fee (the ski school will not replace the lesson times due to to cancellations of the cable cars and lifts) as well as the lunch care supervision.  


We reject any liability whatsoever for all accidents which may occur during or before ski lessons. Accident and liability insurance are a personal matter for course participants.

We expressly point out to course participants that pursuant to the Salzburger Landessportgesetz of 1988 (Provincial Law Gazette No. 98/1987), children and youth up to the (completed) 15th year of age must wear the Austrian standard ÖNORM EN 1077:2007-compliant ski or snowboard helmet intended for use during the performance of alpine skiing and snowboarding. A helmet for children is included in group lessons but not in rental.

in addition to that, course participants must acquaint themselves with the contents and application of the common FIS ski slope rules and observe such rules.


10 % discount on ski rental when booking up to 3 days before arrival
5 % discount on courses, private lessons and packages up to 30 days before arrival
No early booking bonus is granted for lunch care, depot, vouchers, group and family instructors and bike rental. Discounts can not be added (for example regular customer discount or family offer and early booking bonus)

The processing fee for rebooking to other courses or services on site is  20 Euros


Payments in favor of Fun & Pro Sport Pichler GmbH are made by TREKKSOFT AG, Hauptstraße 15, CH-3800 Matten (“TREKKSOFT”). TREKKSOFT will appear as the executing company on your credit card statement. If you have questions about your credit card payments and chargebacks, please send an e-mail to


95 % refund until 7days before arrival
90 % refund from 6 to 1 day before arrival 
No refund from start date or no show until 6pm

Additional regulation for winter 2021/22
An online reservation can be canceled without giving a reason. For a processing fee of 12 euros per person or a maximum of 40 euros per family, we will refund the rest of the amount up to 1 day before arrival. No additional cancellation insurance has to be paid for this. If the percentage rule is more favorable, it will be applied.


Equipment can be picked up the day before from 1:00 pm and must be returned by 6:00 pm on the day of dispatch

A ski set consists of skis, boots and poles. A helmet is not included. If both parents rent a ski set (ski, boots and poles), children up to 10 receive a Classic Carver Ski Set for free.

Each person renting equipment is liable up to the full retail price of the rented items for the return of equipment in a proper condition. In case of damage the service effort will be charged.

The rental business is entitled to demand some form of security, be that a security deposit or the leaving of an identification document (i.e. passport, official I.D., driving license). Such a security does not constitute a possible purchase price for the equipment.


The author assumes no liability whatsoever for the topicality, correctness, completeness or quality of the information provided. Liability claims against the author, related to material or ideal damage and which have been caused by the use or improper use of the information provided, or by the use of inaccurate and incomplete information, are expressly ruled out in so far as the author has not acted in a way which is demonstrably either intentionally or grossly negligent.

All offers are subject to change and are non-binding. The author reserves the expressed right to amend, add to or delete parts of pages, or the entire offer, without special notice.


With regards to direct or indirect references to external Internet sites ("links") which are themselves outside the field of responsibility of the author, liability for illegal content will only then be assumed if the author has knowledge of the content of those sites and it is technically feasible and reasonable for the author to prevent usage of said sites.

The author hereby expressly declares that, at the time links were installed on this site, no illegal content was apparent on the targeted sites. This declaration applies to all links placed within its own Internet site, as well as to entries in mailing lists created by the author and to comments in the photo gallery.

Sole liability for illegal, erroneous or incomplete content, and particularly for damages which might by caused by use or non-use of any such information supplied, is borne by the provider of the target site, and not by the provider who included a link to that particular site.

Copyright and Trademarking

The author makes every effort in all publications to respect copyright on all graphics, audio files, video clips and texts, and to make use of self-created graphics, audio files, video clips and texts, or to avail himself of non-licensed graphics, audio files, video clips and texts.

All those brand names and trademarks cited in the author's Internet platform, some of which are, on occasion, protected by third parties, are subject without restriction to applicable copyright laws and the proprietary rights of the registered owners. The conclusion should not be drawn from their mere naming, that trademarks are not protected by third-party rights.

Copyrights for those objects published and created by the author himself, remain solely with the author. Duplication or use of such graphics, audio documents, video clips and texts in other electronic or print publications, is not permitted, except with the expressed permission of the author.

Image rights

By accepting the General Terms and Conditions of the author, the course participant expressly and irrevocably agrees that, in the framework of ski instruction and events in connection therewith, the Salzburg Ski and Snowboard School may take photographs and publish them on its website or on Social Media sites. The course participant may not derive any rights from this; by accepting the GTC of the Salzburg Ski and Snowboard School, the course participant expressly waives any such rights.

If you don’t agree on this, please send an e-mail to and we will remove the picture.

Provisions in connection with COVID-19 (SARS-CoV-2 virus / the coronavirus)

Obligations and declarations of the Customer or Course Participant
The Customer is generally aware of the occurrence of the global COVID-19 pandemic and the restrictions as a result.

In this respect the Customer is obliged to ensure familiarity with of all existing restrictions, rules of conduct and recommendations for action pertaining to the region in which the Ski & Snowboarding School is located. These also include the current COVID-19 regulations for accommodation and cable car businesses.

The Customer is aware that rules of conduct which the same is independently responsible for observing e.g. such as regular hand washing with water and soap and other hygiene measures, social distancing, if necessary the wearing of a face mask where social distancing is not possible or even mandatory, coughing and sneezing into a paper handkerchief or the crook of the arm and refraining from greetings with physical contact could serve to prevent further spread of the virus by the Customer.

The Customer must comply with all corresponding instructions of the Ski & Snowboarding School or ski hire business that serve to protect the health and safety of the contractual parties. These instructions concern premises of the Ski & Snowboarding School, the meeting place or assembly point and all locations that are visited during the lessons.

The Customer also gives assurance that the same will comply with and follow corresponding instructions and rules of conduct which are communicated by third parties e.g. such as lift or cable car businesses, accommodation businesses, catering businesses or other businesses which the Customer uses at a time that coincides with use of the services of the Ski & Snowboarding School.

The Customer declares that the same has had no typical symptoms of COVID-19 in the last 14 days before initial attendance at the lessons. The Customer also declares that to the knowledge of the same the Customer has had no contact with people infected with COVID-19.

The Customer declares that the same will stay away from the lessons and will contact the telephone health advice line on 1450 to give further clarification there in the case of symptoms e.g. such as a dry cough, shortness of breath, loss of sense of taste or smell, sore throat or fever that occur before the start of a lesson. This also applies if the Customer suspects that the same is suffering with COVID-19 or an illness that has not yet had further medical clarification.

If relevant symptoms occur or the suspicion of suffering with COVID-19 arises during the lessons then the Customer will immediately inform the Ski & Snowboarding School of this so that the Customer can be immediately isolated from other people.

The Customer acknowledges that the occurrence of infection with COVID-19 or proof of infection even in only one other customer of the Ski & Snowboarding School could result in performance of the contractual service by the Ski & Snowboarding School having to be cancelled and all customers attending the lessons consequently having to be placed in quarantine or to undergo COVID-19 testing at the Customer’s own expense.

The Customer acknowledges that the personal data of the same will be used for the purpose of contact tracing (in connection with COVID-19) with respect to the Ski & Snowboarding School and the Customer consents to this.

Special provisions for contractual relationships 

The service performance is possible for the Ski & Snowboarding School

If performance of the contractual service is possible for the Ski & Snowboarding School and the Customer does not attend the lessons then the provisions outlined above under “cancellation conditions” apply correspondingly.

This is also the case if the Customer cancels or has to cancel the attendance of the same at the lessons because of proven or suspected infection of the Customer with COVID-19 before or during the contractual performance by the Ski & Snowboarding School.

The service performance of the Ski & Snowboarding School is certainly possible as long as the use of piste areas is not completely prohibited or cable car or lift operation is not completely halted in the ski resort where the Ski & Snowboarding School is based.

The closure of any accommodation business used by the Customer, closures of third-party businesses or the emergence of infections in third parties in the location or region where the Ski & Snowboarding School is based do not render service performance by the Ski & Snowboarding School impossible.

The same applies for any potential departure obligations or departure recommendations affecting the Customer owing to corresponding travel warnings or recalls by states for their own citizens if these were foreseeable or must have been foreseeable for the Customer on the basis of the information obligations applicable to the same.

The service performance is entirely or partially impossible for the Ski & Snowboarding School

In the following cases the corresponding performance obligation of the Ski & Snowboarding School shall cease entirely or partially for the contractual period and the Customer shall receive a voucher that is redeemable at a later date for a corresponding subsequent period of lessons unless the Customer makes a written request for a corresponding refund of the fee already paid by the same:

  •  Regulatory business closure or universal business closures if these also affect the business of the Ski & Snowboarding School,
  • Regulatory cessation of operation of all lift and cable car businesses if the operation is essential for the service performance by the Ski & Snowboarding School,
  • Officially ordered quarantine for the entire location or entire region where the Ski & Snowboarding School is based or
  • Government-ordered departure obligation affecting the Customer if the same was unable to anticipate it.

The ski & snowboarding school is able to provide the service only after contractual amendment (contractual adaptation to changed circumstances):
In the event that group courses are prohibited because of regulatory measures or directives the ski & snowboarding school ist entitled to amend the contract or to adjust the contractual fee in consideration of the price offered for individual courses or private lessons at the time when the contract is concluded and to charge the customer the difference from the payment already made. this is subject to following conditions:

  • the holding of individual courses or courses for groups of people not from the same household is prohibited by regulatory measure or directive after conclusion of the contract and this was not foreseeable for the contracting parties at the time of conclusion of the contract,

  • the regulatory measure or directive relates to the period of the contractual service,

  • the ski & snowboarding school is permitted to hold individual courses in accordance with the regulatory measure or directive,

  • the ski & snowboarding school is able to continue to provide at least the basic service (the use of pistes is not completely prohibited or the cable car or lift operation has not been completely discontinued), and

  • withdrawal from the contract has not been declared by the customer in accordance with cancellation conditions.

The performance obligation of the Ski & Snowboarding School shall also cease if the ski or snowboarding instructor accommodation used by ski or snowboarding instructors of the respective ski & snowboardingschool is affected by official closures or other health precautions such as quarantine measures or mandated isolation owing to the occurrence or suspected occurrence of one or more COVID-19 infections there among ski or snowboarding instructors or third parties and if at least 10% of the members of teaching staff of the Ski & Snowboarding School are absent as a result. The Ski & Snowboarding School is specifically not obliged to buy in teaching services.

Special liability provisions

The Ski & Snowboarding School accepts absolutely no liability for all damage and consequential damage or other disadvantages of any nature that the Customer incurs or could incur in connection with the occurrence of COVID-19 infections.

This also applies in particular if the Customer is infected during performance of the contractual services or if an infection comes from the Ski & Snowboarding School despite compliance with the relevant precautions.

If the service performance is entirely or partially impossible for the Ski & Snowboarding School on one or more of the grounds stated above then liability of the Ski & Snowboarding School is excluded in all cases for all damage and consequential damage or other disadvantages that could be incurred on the part of the Customer (e.g. loss of holiday enjoyment, any frustrated expenditure, any costs in connection with arrival and departure, any costs and disadvantages of any nature in connection with voluntary or compulsory premature termination of the stay or associated premature departure, advance payments not refunded by or cancellation costs to be paid to accommodation businesses or third-party businesses, possible costs in connection with expired lift passes, costs for COVID-19 tests or other health-related measures, all conceivable disadvantages of any nature above and beyond these etc.).

If the service performance is entirely or partially possible for the Ski & Snowboarding School (cf. in this respect the corresponding provisions above) and the Customer has to cancel the lessons before or during the service performance by the Ski & Snowboarding School because of proven or suspected COVID-19 infection then point 5 (cancellation conditions) applies. 

The Ski & Snowboarding School reserves the right to take temperature measurements from every Customer before the start of each course or at the start of each course day. In the case of an elevated temperature, fever or other significant indications of infectious diseases the ski & snowboardingschool may exclude the Customer from the lesson at its own discretion. In these cases the Customer is entitled either to a pro rata refund of a fee already paid or to the issue of a corresponding credit note.


Jurisdiction, Place of Delivery and Legal Options

Place of delivery is the headquarters of the author. In the event of dispute, the court with jurisdiction at the location of the headquarters of the ski school / ski rental center will adjudicate the matter. All matters are governed by Austrian law. The contractual language is German.

Legal effect

Should any individual provision of these General Terms and Conditions be or become ineffective, such ineffectiveness shall not affect the effectiveness of the remaining provisions and the legal transactions concluded on the basis hereof. The ineffective provision shall be replaced with another effective provision which is as close as possible to the original provision in terms of its economic impact. Any amendments to these General Terms and Conditions shall require written form. 

Additional to our terms and conditions for fun & pro Sportcamp and bike rental


  • Bikes can be picked up on the rental day at 9 o'clock in the morning and have to be returned till 6 o'clock in the evening.  Please bring your ID card with you.
  • Rental period 1 day is from 9.00 to 18.00 (the daily rate is only valid if you return the bike on the same day) 3 hours are from 9.00 to 12.00 or from 15.00 to 18.00 
    Online reservation is possible up to 3 days before arrival - only for whole days.
  • Customers are liable for all damages caused by accident or deliberate action. Always lock bikes and park them correctly. Repairs are done professionally in our shop and will be charged to the customer. Parts plus required time - the price for a service hour is Euro 45,-
  • The bikes are not insured in case of theft. The time value will be charged.
  • The customer takes note of that the rental place is not liable for accidents or other unpredictable happenings during the term of use.
  • Our rental bikes are always serviced. When you pick up the bikes we show you how to use them. If you find any defects please complain them immediately.
  • The rental fee does not include any breakdown assistance. Upon request we can provide a repair first aid kit for free to take with you on tour. If you cannot continue your tour we charge 20 Euro for a service drive. 
  • The road traffic act must be kept according to local official business conditions!
  • Cancellation policy for bike rental
    up to 30 days before arrival you get 90 % of your payment back
    from 29 to 1 day before arrival you get 80 % of your payment back
    No refund in case of cancellation on start day or no show

The use of the Zorb for minors (under 14) is possible only if accompanied by an adult or on presentation of a consent form.

Minimum size of children 120 cm, minimum age 10 years.
Gross weight 150 kg per ride (max. 2 people) - for persons over 100 kg can be booked only a ride for 1 person.

Each user must also be in possession of health insurance, which also covers the leisure market.
If Zorbing, because of strong winter or heavy rain on the day booked is not possible, and an alternate date is agreed on - there will be no refund of the purchase price.
Leisure wear, shoes, and loose objects such as Cell phone, jewelry or sunglasses must be stored. For Hydrozorbing bring your swimwear.
The rate cards are not transferable. 

All deliveries and services of fun & pro Sportcamp resulting from online bookings via the Internet or other online services are subject to these terms and conditions.